About Me

I am a Composer and Sound Designer for Film, Media and Games from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Sound and musical forms have been shaping my life, is like magic to me. I find its strength to share emotions fascinating.

I attended UCLA for Film Scoring, learning in more detail the philosophy behind Film scores, it´s production process and writting scores for Full Orchestras. After getting most of my knowledge from books and practice before UCLA, this is where everything clicked and expanded my creativity and point of view towards music and sound.

Currently I am a Sound Design Teacher at University of Advanced Technologies (UNIAT), where I get to share knowledge and key skills with students in order to motivate them to achieve their best work and the importance of music and sound in Film, Animation and Games.

I collaborate with Giancarlo Bonfati, a pianist and producer from Guadalajara as well. We teamed up a few years ago to develop Filmscores with our unique sound and style. We also created Of Men And Wolf, our artistic expression of music we enjoy and that we want to share with the world.

We like being in cotact with Directors and Producers in order to understand what their needs are and how to translate their ideas into Music or/and Sound Design. While we are working on a project, we try to relate story with atmospheres and sounds.

If we are not in the same city, we can arrange Source Connect and Zoom sessions, Source Connect and phone calls.